Professional Indemnity

When operating a business, your primary goal is to provide a positive impression to your customers. However, there may come a time when a client is dissatisfied with your service and they may incur a loss or suffer damage which arises from an act, omission or a breach of professional duty by you during the course of your business duties. In today’s economic environment, the threat of potential claims being made against you is very real. It costs time and money to defend yourself against such claims, even if they are unfounded. The demand for compensation can be hundreds of thousands, if not more. Even if you are not found liable, the legal costs of defending yourself could seriously affect your business. Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) is designed to protect you and your employees by providing cover against such claims, including the costs of legal defense. Having the right PI cover offers you peace of mind, knowing you can confidently go about your work and protect your reputation should the worst happen.


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